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Local, national and international researchers will have the ability to search and view tens of thousands of personal papers, letters photographs, military records, newspapers and objects of significance to the Holocaust and Jewish life in Australia, dating back to the first fleet in 1788

The NSW Jewish community has a rich and vibrant history, with a vast collection of objects and resources. For these to be able to inspire, educate and inform people locally and worldwide, our community’s archives and collections need to be brought online so our history is readily accessible.

Currently, the vast reservoir of Australian Jewish history and experiences are not accessible to the general public. The only way this can be made broadly available is by bringing it all online in a coherent and cohesive manner.

Two organisations hold the lion’s share of historical objects and information. The Sydney Jewish Museum (SJM) and Australian Jewish Historical Society (AJHS) are partnering to make their full collection and archives available online for the first time in a fully searchable format via a combined technology platform.

The SJM collection started in the late 1980s when the Australian Association of Holocaust Survivors approached their members for memorabilia to form the basis of a permanent museum. Since the opening of the SJM in 1992, the collection has grown from a small number of treasured Holocaust related items to over 10,000 artefacts of the Holocaust, as well as Judaica and Australian Jewish history and identity, only a fraction of which are on public display.

AJHS, founded in 1938, has built its collection over many years. In the past the collection process focussed on personal histories, but recently AJHS has been working with Jewish communal organisations to collate, preserve, store and make accessible their organisational archives for the benefit of the entire community.

Bringing the collection and archives online will provide global access to these items of significant Jewish history. It will also encourage many of the remaining Holocaust survivors to donate their precious items to SJM as they will be available for all to see and engage with.

Your donations will ensure that this program has the funds necessary to make this important legacy accessible to our community now and for future generations.

NSW, Australia and a wider global community interested in the Holocaust and Australian Jewish history.

Sydney Jewish Museum

The Sydney Jewish Museum was born out of a determination of the generation of Holocaust survivors living in Australia, to honour and memorialise those who were murdered in the Holocaust. They wanted a place to hold stories and precious personal objects, and to teach the lessons from history.

Today, 26 years since its inception, the Museum continues to give a voice to the victims of the Holocaust so their stories can start conversations and inspire change.

The Museum collects and preserves historic objects from Holocaust history and Jewish life in Australia, and commemorates and educates, with a mission to challenge visitors’ perceptions of morality, social justice, democracy and human rights.

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Program Partnerships

Australian Jewish Historical Society

Australian Jewish Historical Society

The Australian Jewish Historical Society is dedicated to promoting the understanding and study of Jewry in Australia since 1788. The Society works with the Jewish community to acquire, preserve and make available unique, authentic and significant documents and materials relating to the Jewish people and organisations in Australia. Through its reading room and its website, the details and stories of Australian Jewish life from personal papers, photos, bound newspapers and corporate records sourced from individuals, synagogues, communities and Jewish organisations can come to life.

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Sydney Jewish Museum