Funding Target

$ 485,000

23,000 participants across 285 events in 2018

8,500 millennial participants in 2018

1,400 podcast downloads through digital pilots in 2018

A large proportion of our community are cultural Jews. Shalom programs offer inclusive and pioneering cultural, educational and social opportunities that incubate Jewish community at a grassroots level. This is particularly important for young Jewish adults who are searching for meaningful Jewish identity.

Young adult programs include Moishe House, AEPi, Professional Women’s Forum, LaunchPad, Thinktrepenuer, Shalom Shabbat activities, HaJam. Intergenerational programs include Limmud, Sydney Jewish Writers Festival, Sydney Jewish Comedy Showcase, Live Stories, Zikaron B’Salon and Theatre productions.

Shalom programs increase the vibrancy and engagement of our Jewish community by fostering Jewish life and learning in an inclusive way.

Moishe House is a global program that is based in Surry Hills in Sydney. Four young adults in their 20s support a community of millennial Jewish locals and expatriates through themed Shabbat dinners, social and social-justice activities that leverage the Jewish and Sydney calendar. 1,250 young adults participated in 2018.

AEPi is a worldwide Jewish university brotherhood which is based at Shalom College in Sydney. 1,830 people visited the AEPi House in 2018.

Shalom College offers accommodation, well-being and academic support to “at risk” Jewish university students in consultation with Jewish Care.

Thinktrepeneur, Professional Women’s Forum and Launchpad all engage young adult Jewish professionals to be involved in Jewish community while developing their professional  capabilities and networks. These attracted 700 participants in 2018.

Young adult social activities in 2018 included Shabbat Tent, Vivid Cruise, Doughnut Selfies, film and comedy activities.  these attracted 3,390 participants in 2018.

LimmudOz, The Sydney Writers Festival, Sydney Jewish Comedy Showcase, Live Stories and our theatre productions allow Jewish adults across age groups to explore their Jewish identity in innovative, interactive and inclusive ways. These programs attracted 6,500 participants in 2018.

In addition to the above programs, in 2019 Shalom are running a series of pioneering programs including Succah by the Sea with Sculptures by the Sea, Zikaron B’salon, Limmud in Your Lounge.

The range of programming enables Jewish Sydneysiders to enrich their lives, culture, education and professional endeavours while building a sense of Jewish connection and community.  JCA funding helps make these diverse

and pioneering Jewish community programs possible.

University students, young adults in their 20s and 30s, and mature adults who want to engage in their Jewish identity in inclusive and engaging ways.


Shalom’s mission is to increase the vibrancy and engagement of the Sydney Jewish community by fostering Jewish life and learning in an inclusive way. Shalom enables people to enrich their life, culture, education and professional endeavours through Jewish activity. Shalom engages people of different ages and backgrounds through a variety of targeted programs and special events. Focusing on people living in Sydney, they build connection and community. Shalom is about possibilities and opportunities, challenging and inspiring individuals.

Other programs offered by this provider

PJ Library, Shalom Baby, Shalom College

Founding Year

1954 (Hillel Foundation of NSW)

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Jonathan Leib


Tamara Samuel

Program Partnership

Moishe House International
Sydney Writers Festivals
Sculptures by the Sea, i-Society
Jewish Care, BJE, Jewish Day Schools