Funding Target

$ 300,000

more than 30,721 active individual contacts across NSW and ACT in our community databank

399,624 individual communications in 2018

Investing in critical infrastructure to ensure we know the people in the community and can reach them – in a relevant, timely and personalised manner.

JCA relies on its underlying information systems and community database to drive fundraising on behalf of the 23 member organisations in the network and to engage with the donor community.

Changes in technology platforms, coupled with increased community expectations around personalisation and relevance of messages, have resulted in JCA outgrowing the capabilities of the current 12-year-old system.

To continue to engage our community in an effective, relevant and meaningful way, we need a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Over time, the implementation of this vital new CRM infrastructure will allow us to support the new fundraising and allocations process, to operate more efficiently and to drive down overheads. It will allow us to redirect the efforts of the small JCA office team to more valuable community engagement activities.

With more targeted and meaningful communication, JCA can engage and fundraise more effectively with our current donor community and aim to increase our reach, growing our total number of donors.

The entire community served by our database – including member organisations and donors – allowing us to more efficiently communicate with all those in the NSW and ACT community.


JCA was formed in 1967 as a result of the Six Day War and the repercussions across the Jewish world. Set up as a not-for-profit organisation, JCA manages communal fundraising for its 23 constituent member organisations, allowing those service providers to focus on their strengths and the day to day running of their institutions. JCA has a diverse membership across sectors including education, aged and community care, holocaust, history and heritage, security and advocacy, culture, engagement and outreach. Its aim is to ensure a sustainable, vibrant and secure Jewish community within NSW and the ACT.

Founding Year




Stephen Chipkin


Alain Hasson