Funding Target

$ 550,000

>$115 million distributed most effectively to community over past ten years through support of JCA Allocations Committee

8,671 participants in Gen17 survey (largest response rate to any Jewish survey worldwide)

137 future leaders placed on not-for-profit Boards through Observership Program

Millions of data fields analysed and validated for Australian Jewish community census and planning report

For the community to adapt and thrive well into the future, there is a need to anticipate future requirements and be able to respond, collaborate and innovate. This program provides this capability by supporting the most effective distribution of funds to the community, by undertaking original community-wide research projects and analysis of census data, and by continuing to deliver a range of new services to the community over the years.

In order to secure our community’s future, it is important to have a strong and vibrant network of community organisations. JCA has a unique and powerful model whereby analysis and planning for the future can be undertaken at a holistic community level. This means that trends can be identified, new needs and causes acknowledged, and projects and collaborations across organisations undertaken to ensure the community thrives, and continues to strengthen.

Examples of community planning include undertaking the Gen17 study to appreciate community expectations and attitudes, analysis of the Census data to ensure we understand and monitor the changing  shape of our community, and coordinating working groups of our network organisations and skilled volunteers, to tackle topics like Jewish day school affordability, how to manage enrolment peaks and troughs, and responding to crisis situations like support funding for struggling organisations within our community.

Examples of new innovative projects initiated to benefit the community include JBridge, an interest-free deferred payment plan for parents in need of some assistance with school fees, Y2i subsidising trips to Israel for Jewish teenagers, and the Observership Program providing young professionals with opportunities to undertake training, observe boards and grow their skills.

Strong holistic planning enables our community to have the best chance of remaining vibrant and adapting to the specific evolving needs of our community. It provides the scaffolding for dealing with crises and the infrastructure for tapping into the talent in our community through the committee structure.

The cost of running this function consists of a small team and some seed funding for the various analyses and projects that are explored and undertaken.

If the future of our community is important to you, please support this program!


JCA was formed in 1967 as a result of the Six Day War and the repercussions across the Jewish world. Set up as a not-for-profit organisation, JCA manages communal fundraising for its 23 constituent member organisations, allowing those service providers to focus on their strengths and the day to day running of their institutions. JCA has a diverse membership across sectors including education, aged and community care, holocaust, history and heritage, security and advocacy, culture, engagement and outreach. Its aim is to ensure a sustainable, vibrant and secure Jewish community within NSW and the ACT.

Founding Year




Stephen Chipkin


Alain Hasson