JCA’s New Fundraising & Allocations Approach


JCA is introducing an exciting new approach to its Fundraising and Allocations this year.

Worldwide, donor trends have shifted towards requiring greater clarity on where their money goes. Younger donors particularly seek greater insight into the impact of their giving.

The new JCA approach responds to these trends and at the same time preserves the essence of the collective JCA model – with JCA Allocations ensuring monies are well applied and key community needs are met, and that the cooperation and cohesion within our community continues.

The new JCA approach will:

  • provide greater insight into the breadth and depth of the individual programs that our community delivers and the impact these programs have
  • provide transparency of actual funding needs – setting funding targets for each program – and answering the question: “Where does my money go?”
  • give donors more choice with the ability to make both communal donations as well as program-specific donations to community causes that are most meaningful to them

The JCA Allocations Committee continues to ensure that the core needs of the community are balanced and met – by setting the funding targets for each program in consultation with member organisations, by redistributing any excess funds received and by dealing with any shortfalls.

As a JCA donor, the new Fundraising and Allocations approach gives you a choice of paths for donating in 2019:

  • Simple path – make your communal donation to JCA and our Allocations Committee will direct it where most needed
  • Uplift path – make your communal donation to JCA and increase your giving by supporting specific programs
  • Custom path – make donations to specific programs with the choice to also make a community-wide contribution

We certainly encourage continued support for JCA communal donations to help meet the wider needs of the community, and we are urging donors to increase their giving by supporting individual programs closest to their hearts.

What happens if the new approach leads to a program being overfunded or underfunded?

Overfunded – if the fundraising target for a program is exceeded, any excess will flow into the community-wide pool and will be distributed by the JCA Allocations Committee to meet the $15 million target needed to fully fund all community programs in 2019.

Underfunded – if a program does not meet its target, the JCA Allocations Committee will, as it has always done, consider relative core needs and determine if and how any shortfall should be covered, including out of JCA reserves.

The new approach will also allow us to better understand donors’ preferences and to personalise our communications so they are more aligned with individual donor needs.

We encourage all our supporters and members of the Jewish community to get behind the JCA 2019 Fundraising Campaign to help ensure that all vital community services that our network provides will be fully funded in the year ahead.